About Us

Initially created as a platform for like-minded Caribbean Creatives to come together, showcase, celebrate, and support each other, Island Wave provides funding and resources to Caribbean Creative to be able to showcase internationally, while creating spaces on stages that would not usually cater for such cultural line-ups or genres. It was founded in 2020 by Trinbagonian artist Kalpee and Creative Brand Marketing Manager Miss Vivianna of FVP Global, initiated in gratitude for Kalpee’s recovery after having suffered a near-fatal car accident on the set of his music video in 2019, as a way to pass on the good fortune he was gifted.

The platform has 3 pillars of activation:


Commercial Events

Opportunities for artists to participate at commercial festivals in support of headline acts.

Creative Industries

Performances at creative industry festivals, offering artists the opportunity to be seen by industry professionals, and network for further opportunities.

Community Outreach

Island Wave passionately campaigns for Mental Health Awareness, especially within the male Caribbean community as well as other initiatives.

Island Wave promotes positive music and up-full lyrics, with a belief that music is a transference of energy their line-ups are consciously selected in pushing positive Caribbean music into the commercial market places which are currently monopolised by more aggressive genres.

With an annual calendar of events and an openness to further collaborations, Island Wave will continue to deliver Upfull Vibez and Healing at any opportunity.